Verjus is the juice of unripe grapes. It is used by renounwed ‘chefs’ in the haute cuisine like lemon-juice, cooking-wine or vinegar. Verjus is mildly sour and has a fruity taste. Dishes prepared with Verjus are in perfect harmony with the wine accompanying the meal.

Verjus is pasteurised, contains zero alcohol because it is not fermented. We do not add any chemicals or salt to our Verjus: it is nature pure and certified organic.

We sell our organic Verjus in glassbottles: 25cl, 5dl and 1 litre.

For your order please refer to the german site Bestellen. We will be happy to send you the Verjus by post.

Organic Verjus from ValNature does not contain Histamine. Good news for all histamin-intolerant persons. Laboratory-results: Verjus_Histamin.pdf

Bon appétit!

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